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Paracord Survival Bracelet, Coyote Brown

Art.nr: 17384


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Opplysninger fra produsent:
The Paracord bracelet was originally developed to meet the needs of the military, private contractors as well as the security sector, but has since found a use as a masculine fashion statement. Its compact size model is made of close to 4 meters long single piece certified paracord- 550 type III with a 7 string core complying to military standard MIL-C-5040. The core strings are placed loose within, so that they can be easily extracted in case of a need. On another hand each string can be split into thinner ones. The cord structure (core and sheath) is made of 100% nylon fiber. It can sustain a 249kg (550 pounds) of load, has a high UV durability and displays extremely low level of stretching and contraction. The ?Shockflex? buckles used, are made by ITW Nexus. Their exclusive patented male flex design and integral shock absorbers allow for impact load absorption resulting in greater tensile strength.